• This card can be extremely useful in any Synchro or Xyz oriented deck, changing other monster's levels at will.
  • If you Normal Summon monsters of the same Level, you can increase their Level and use them to Xyz Summon.
    • This works especially well with Gadgets.
  • This card can be interesting with Gemini monsters as they can be normal summoned multiple times (either on the same or multiple turns), gaining more then one level and raising this card's attack again at no cost to your hand size or needing more monsters.
    • Combined with a special summoned level 2 tuner like "Plaguespreader Zombie" this can make it easier to summon level 7 Synchro Monsters, which Gemini decks are often deprived of due to most of the monsters in those decks having even levels.
  • Use this card with "Greed Quasar".
    • For even more exploitation, throw in a "Creature Swap" and other similar cards to give your opponent a weak, level-raised monster to attack and devour with "Greed Quasar".

Traditional Format

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