Traditional Format

  • Use with "Scapegoat" to do 1600 points of damage.
  • Use with Hieratics to quickly replace monsters and use its effect again.
  • You can have an OTK with this card, in combination with others. If "Mysterious Puppeteer" is on your side of the field (face-up), as well as "Ultimate Offering", you can continuously Summon a "Black Ptera" to your side of the field with Ultimate Offering, offsetting the Life Point Loss with "Mysterious Puppeteer", then Tribute "Black Ptera" with "Mass Driver", returning it to your hand, and allowing you to Summon it again and keep your opponent losing Life Points.
  • In an "X-Saber" Deck. A loop can be made by having 1 "XX-Saber Ragigura" and 1 "XX-Saber Faultroll" on the field and 1 "XX-Saber Faultroll" in the hand.
    • Special Summon the "Faultroll", tribute "Ragigura" and 1 "Faultroll", Special Summon "Ragigura" with "Faultroll's" effect and retrieve the other "Faultroll", repeat.

With "Imperial Iron Wall" also on the field:

  • There is another OTK with this card. Have at least one tuner on the field along with "Quillbolt Hedgehog" and "Imperial Iron Wall" and "Mass Driver" to repeatedly send "Quillbolt" to the Graveyard dealing 400 each time you send it until your opponent's Life Points are at 0.
  • There is also another OTK that has been made recently called "Yagan OTK". You need to have "Worm Xex", "Worm Yagan" in Graveyard ("Worm Xex" can send him to the Graveyard when he is Normal Summoned), "Imperial Iron Wall" and of course "Mass Driver". Have "Worm Xex" on the field by himself along with "Worm Yagan", "Imperial Iron Wall" and "Mass Driver" to repeatedly Special Summon him from the Graveyard, Tribute "Worm Yagan" with "Mass Driver" to deal 400 to your opponent's Life Points until he/she is at 0.
  • Have 2 Beast-type monsters and "Imperial Iron Wall" on your side of the field. Special Summon a "Chain Dog" and Tribute it for "Mass Driver", and repeat for an OTK.