• By using "Mask Change II", this card can be used in any Deck using DARK monsters.
  • This card works well against Decks that heavily rely on the Graveyard such as "Yang Zing", "Burning Abyss", "Nekroz" (prevents Ritual Spell Cards from going to the Graveyard, and punishes searching), "Lightsworn", "Bujin", "Sylvan", "Mermail", "Shaddoll", etc.
    • However, it also works with certain Graveyard-based Decks ("Skull Servant", "Dark World", Zombie, etc.) since it can give you an edge against others, such as the above.
  • Due to this card's anti-Graveyard effect, it is possible to use "Present Card" and other cards that force your opponent to discard against "Fabled" and "Dark World" Decks.
  • With both this card and "Gravekeeper's Servant" in play, your opponent will be unable to attack, since the card they'd send to the Graveyard will be banished instead.
  • This card is quite deadly in a Virus Mill Deck. Any cards your opponent draws while your Viruses are in effect will be destroyed(Assuming you activated the right Viruses), and banished. Also, one of the cards your opponent drew that was not destroyed can be banished at random. In fact, when you use "Card Destruction", "Present Card", or "Morphing Jar" while your Viruses are still lingering, you can banish an important card from your opponent's new hand that was not destroyed, since the Viruses also let you look at the cards your opponent draws.
  • If this card is combined with "Destiny HERO - Defender" while it is in face-up Defense Position, this card can essentially prevent your opponent from gaining further hand advantage, since it will banish a card everytime they draw from the effect of "Defender".
  • Combine this card with "Dark Bribe" and/or "Grand Horn of Heaven": after having a card negated, your opponent will draw 1 card from their effects, which will trigger this card's second effect.
  • Combo with "Dark World Dealings", since this card's effect will not only banish the card your opponent discards, but also activate its second effect. Discarding "Elemental HERO Shadow Mist" will also add to your hand advantage. If a Dark Law/Acid Deck is used, discarding WATER Attribute monsters can also be considered avoiding hand loss if "Salvage" is ran.
  • This card is very good against "Forbidden One"/"Exodia" Decks because the pieces will be almost impossible to recover if they are banished.
  • Combine this card with "Side Effects?" to decrease your opponent's hand advantage while still gaining some LP.

Traditional Format

  • Since this card seals off your opponent's Graveyard, it is possible to use "Card Destruction", "Morphing Jar", and similar cards against "Dark World" and "Fabled" Decks.
  • This card's banishing effect alone makes it a good counter against Frog Burn Decks.
    • To a lesser extent, it's also helpful against "Tyrant Neptune" OTK Decks, because that Tribute Summoned card needs to copy the effects off its tributes while they are in the Graveyard. When they Tribute "Lyrilusc - Independent Nightingale" to summon "The Tyrant Neptune", "Independent Nightingale" will be banished, and your opponent will not be able to copy her effect.
  • This card can be an excellent counter to "Graceful Charity", "Card Destruction", and "Sixth Sense", since they are commonly used in Graveyard-reliant Decks.

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