• Use this card and "Vengeful Servant" to take control during your turn and inflict damage to your opponent during their turn.
    • Keep in mind: this combo will damage you during your turn. There are some strategies that can counter this:
    • "Black-Winged Dragon" can add a Black Feather Counter to itself when this combo targets you.
    • "Life Stream Dragon" can prevent you from taking damage completely, but it is difficult to Summon, due to its strict Synchro Material Monster requirements.
    • "Prime Material Dragon" can allow you to gain Life Points from this combo instead of taking damage. However, it is also valid remember that if you have this face-up "Prime Material Dragon" on the field, your opponent will also gain Life Points in your End Phase, instead of taking damage. To prevent it, you can use either 1 "Bad Reaction to Simochi" or 1 "Nurse Reficule the Fallen One". The effect of "Prime Material Dragon" would turn the damage into Life Points, but "Bad Reaction to Simochi" Or "Nurse Reficule" Will turn that amount into damage again.
    • Another good card to use with this combo is "Des Wombat", as it reduces any effect damage to your Life Points to 0, while your opponent still keeps taking the damage.

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