• Obviously, this card is very useful for Decks that rely on Tribute Summons, such as "Steelswarm", "Earthbound Immortal", "Egyptian God", "Monarch", etc.
    • This card is especially good for "Earthbound Immortal" Decks, since they destroy themselves if there is no Field Spell Card face-up on the field.
  • In a pinch, "Alector, Sovereign of Birds" can be used to negate this card's effects, allowing yourself to temporarily Special Summon from the Extra Deck.
  • This card can be compared to "Hardened Armed Dragon".
    • "Hardened Armed Dragon" can serve as a Tribute (with the aid of its first effect), while this card cannot.
    • This card's effects can be stopped by simply destroying it, while the protection effect of "Hardened Armed Dragon" cannot be negated.
    • This card can protect multiple Tribute Summoned monsters from being destroyed (or targeted) by card effects, while this card can only protect 1 monster from being destroyed by card effects.

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