• By Ritual Summoning with this card as Tribute while controlling "Ascending Soul", you can effectively recycle it by returning it to your hand. With this setup, you can quickly summon multiple Ritual Monsters very quickly. This also applies to "Sonic Bird" and "Senju of the Thousand Hands".
  • Cards that Special Summon "Manju" face-down still let it trigger its effect since it triggers on Flip Summons as well as Normal Summons. Also, cards that flip it face-down will allow you activate its effect again. Cards of note are:
    • "Magical Hats", which would also let you put Ritual Spells in your Graveyard to be retrieved with cards such as "Preparation of Rites". Of course, a little luck is involved as to whether or not "Manju" will survive the turn.
    • "Book of Moon" will let you flip this card down and then back up if you have not already changed its Battle Position this turn.
    • "The Shallow Grave" Special Summons monsters face-down, giving you another chance to use the effect of "Manju".
  • Using cards that return "Manju" to your hand allows you to you Summon it again and reuse its effect.

Traditional Format

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