• You can use "Call of the Mummy" to special summon a high Level Zombie-Type monster then Normal Summon this card without tribute so that it won't be destroyed at the end of the turn.
  • Normal Summon this card without Tribute to land a big attack and then activate "Emergency Teleport" for a Level 8 Synchro Summon.
  • You won't lose this monster if you have "Zombie World" out and either you or your opponent has a monster.
  • After Normal Summoning this card, and you activate "Creature Swap", You will gain a free monster, but creature changes control to a new owner who did not normal summon it, the effect will not resolve to destroy that monster at the end phase or inflict damage to the opponent.
  • After giving this card to your opponent like this with "Creature Swap" you can use the effect of "Marionette Mite" to take the "Mech" back until the End Phase to attack your opponent. However, In the End Phase you can not choose the the timing of the effects to resolve, so that your opponent receives the effect damage, and you will still receive damage when the effect resolves on your side of the field.

Traditional Format

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