• After activating, chain "Widespread Dud" to destroy 2 monsters as well.
  • Activate when your opponent declares an attack while you have monster equipped with "Dragunity Aklys" so you could destroy your Aklys to destroy a card your opponent controls and since spell and trap cards are destroyed by this card,it's not a problem to destroy a monster on the field.

Traditional Format

  • This card can come in handy against Monsters that have been revived via "Premature Burial".
  • You could telegraph a set "Morphing Jar" by setting this card and some chainable Trap cards. Your opponent, expecting "Morphing Jar", will set several Spell and Trap cards before attacking, allowing you to activate this card and chain your own Trap cards (like "Compulsory Evacuation Device") to gain massive Card Advantage.

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