• This card can be targeted with your own card effects:
    • "Wonder Wand": After this card Special Summons a "Blue-Eyes", this card can be send to the Graveyard to draw 2 cards.
    • "Moon Mirror Shield": After this card Special Summons a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", it will benefit from "Moon Mirror Shield" by being able to destroy virtually any monster by battle (including monsters that have inherent immunity to most card effects, such as "Apoqliphort Towers") and deal 100 battle damage. However, certain monsters (such as "Archfiend Black Skull Dragon" or "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" affected by "Neutron Blast") will prevent "Moon Mirror Shield" and "Maiden" from activating their effects.
    • "Riryoku": Although this card will have the same ATK as the opponent's monster that had its ATK halved, "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" can destroy that monster by battle, then this card can attack.
    • "Raregold Armor"/"Metalsilver Armor": Your opponent will be unable to target other monsters on your field with an attack or effect (depending on which Equip Card was used), except this card.
    • "Safe Zone": Useful if your opponent would destroy this card.
      • ("Gagagashield" can serve as a replacement, without destroying this card if "Gagagashield" leaves the field.)
    • "Skill Successor"/"Skill Prisoner": These cards can target this card when activated, and can activate their targeting effects again by banishing themselves from the Graveyard.
    • "Senet Switch" can target this card during each of your own turn.
    • "Castle of Dragon Souls" can target this card every turn if there are enough Dragon-Type monsters in your Graveyard to pay the cost.
    • "Majesty with Eyes of Blue" can target this card, since it is likely that "Maiden" won't be attacking.
  • If this card and the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" manage to survive long enough to Synchro Summon something, consider Summoning "Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon", which will then Summon the "Blue Eyes" that was just used for the Synchro Summon.
  • The effect of "Patrician of Darkness" can be used to manage your opponent's attacks, so that with each attack, "Maiden's" effect gets activated. Alternately, if your opponent attacks more than once, then these further attacks can be redirected to your recently Summoned "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".
  • "Mystic Box" can be used to give this card to your opponent while still Special Summoning a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Since this card already used one of its effects, attack with the newly Summoned "Blue-Eyes".

Traditional Format

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