• Using this card to Special Summon an "Ancient Gear" from your hand (while you have more than one "Ancient Gear" in your hand) can give you up to three monsters to tribute in one turn. You could also use a "Magnet Circle LV2"/"Ancient Gear"/"Inferno Reckless Summon" combo as well.
  • You can Special Summon "Ancient Gear Cannon" from your hand and activate its effect without wasting the Normal Summon on "Ancient Gear Cannon".


  • Level 2 or lower machine-Type monsters that can be Special Summoned from the hand:
 Primary typeMonster typeAttributeLevelATKDEF
A-Team: Trap Disposal UnitEffect MonsterFIRE2300400
Ally SalvoEffect MonsterDARK2400300
Ally of Justice UnlimiterEffect MonsterDARK2600200
Ancient Gear (card)Effect MonsterEARTH2100800
Ancient Gear CannonEffect MonsterEARTH2500500
BicularEffect MonsterEARTH2200200
Box of FriendsEffect MonsterLIGHT100
Buster BlasterEffect MonsterUnion monsterEARTH100
Changer SynchronEffect MonsterTuner monsterDARK100
Cosmic CompassEffect MonsterEARTH1100300
Crystron CitreeEffect MonsterTuner monsterWATER2500500
Crystron PrasiortleEffect MonsterWATER25002000
Crystron QuanEffect MonsterTuner monsterWATER1500500
Cyber Dragon CoreEffect MonsterLIGHT24001500
Cyber LarvaEffect MonsterLIGHT1400600
Cyber OuroborosEffect MonsterDARK2100600
Cyber ValleyEffect MonsterLIGHT100
Cyber-SteinEffect MonsterDARK2700500
D CubedEffect MonsterDARK100
D.D. Scout PlaneEffect MonsterDARK28001200
Darksea FloatEffect MonsterDARK10300
Darksea RescueEffect MonsterDARK100
DecoyroidEffect MonsterWIND2300500
Deskbot 001Effect MonsterTuner monsterEARTH1500500
Deskbot 002Effect MonsterEARTH2500500
Dimension JarEffect MonsterDARK2200200
Fleur SynchronEffect MonsterTuner monsterLIGHT2400200
Gadget ArmsEffect MonsterWATER2200400
Gadget DriverEffect MonsterEARTH1200200
Genex Ally ChemistrerEffect MonsterTuner monsterDARK2200500
Genex Ally SolidEffect MonsterDARK25001200
Genex RecycledEffect MonsterTuner monsterDARK1200400
Hack WormEffect MonsterDARK14000
Jet SynchronEffect MonsterTuner monsterFIRE15000
Jinzo 7Effect MonsterDARK2500400
JunkuribohEffect MonsterEARTH1300200
Karakuri Barrel mdl 96 "Shinkuro"Effect MonsterTuner monsterEARTH2400400
Karakuri Merchant mdl 177 "Inashichi"Effect MonsterEARTH25001500
Karakuri SpiderEffect MonsterEARTH2400500
Machina PeacekeeperEffect MonsterUnion monsterEARTH2500400
Malefic Parallel GearEffect MonsterTuner monsterDARK200
Mecha BunnyEffect MonsterEARTH2800100
Mecha Phantom Beast O-LionEffect MonsterTuner monsterWIND26001000
Mecha Phantom Beast WarbluranEffect MonsterTuner monsterWIND1300300
Mono SynchronEffect MonsterTuner monsterDARK100
Morphtronic CameranEffect MonsterLIGHT2800600
Morphtronic CelfonEffect MonsterEARTH1100100
Morphtronic ClockenEffect MonsterEARTH26001100
Morphtronic LantronEffect MonsterTuner monsterLIGHT1200200
Morphtronic VacuumenEffect MonsterWIND100
... further results

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