• Being the strongest Level 2 monster, this card is extremely handy when used alongside "Junk Warrior", especially since it can gradually strengthen itself.
  • Combine this card with "Final Attack Orders" and a high equip card so this card always gets a power bonus an attack bonus whenever this card inflicts battle damage.
  • This works well along with "Powered Tuner" early in the game so that "Powered Tuner" can fight for this monster, while this card deals damage boosting it's power by 200 each turn.
  • This card works well when used with trap cards such as "Mask of Weakness" because if your opponent attacks not only will he/she lose his/her monster and Life Points but you will be able to activate this card's effect.

Traditional Format

  • Cyberdark Decks can benefit from this card by equipping it to any of the Cyberdark Monsters, which will increase their ATK to 2200. While equipped, you can use "Giant Trunade" to return it to your hand and use it as a Tuner again.

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