• It is relevant to note that this card has two instances of Special Summon, since it Special Summons one monster, then Special Summons another. Considering this, cards like "Bottomless Trap Hole" will only affect the monster Summoned from the Deck (which was Summoned last).


  • Level 7 or lower DARK Spellcaster-Type monsters that can be Special Summoned from the Main Deck:
 Japanese namePrimary typeLevelATKDEF
Acrobatic Magician曲芸の魔術師Pendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Aleister the Invoker召喚師アレイスターEffect Monster410001800
Allure Queen LV3魅惑の女王 LV3Effect Monster3500500
Allure Queen LV5魅惑の女王 LV5Effect Monster510001000
Allure Queen LV7魅惑の女王 LV7Effect Monster715001500
Altergeist Multifakerオルターガイスト・マルチフェイカーEffect Monster31200800
Ancient Sorcerer古代魔導士Normal Monster410001300
Apprentice Illusion Magician幻想の見習い魔導師Effect Monster620001700
Apprentice Magician見習い魔術師Effect Monster2400800
Apprentice Piper見習い魔笛使いEffect Monster21001500
Astrograph Sorcererアストログラフ・マジシャンPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Black Fang Magician黒牙の魔術師Pendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior黒魔導戦士 ブレイカーEffect Monster616001000
Breaker the Magical Warrior魔導戦士 ブレイカーEffect Monster416001000
Chronograph Sorcererクロノグラフ・マジシャンPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Crystal Master宝玉の先導者Pendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Curtain of the Dark Ones黒魔族のカーテンNormal Monster2600500
Damage Mageダメージ・メイジEffect Monster36001200
Dark Doriadoダーク・ドリアードPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Dark Elfダーク・エルフEffect Monster42000800
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