• "Magical Thorn" is a good Trap Card in, or against, a "Dark World" Deck.
    • "Magical Thorn" also works very well once you have "Helpoemer" in the Graveyard.
    • With "Forced Requisition", the opponent will be forced to discard cards from his/her hand each time you do, and with "Magical Thorn" in play, the opponent will lose 500 Life Points per card. "Mirage of Nightmare", when added into this combo, gives you a powerful Draw/Burn Engine.
      • With "Tempest Magician" and this combo, when cards are discarded to generate counters, the opponent will be forced to discard and take damage. Then the counters can be removed to effectively double the damage the opponent takes from the above combination.
  • "Morphing Jar" and "Card Destruction" are great ways to dish out heavy amounts of damage because they can consistently make the opponent lose up to 6 cards, and as well as up to 3000 Life Points with the effect of "Magical Thorn".
    • Using "Forced Requisition" will cause your opponent to discard even more cards and deal more damage.
  • Combine this card with "Greed", "Serial Spell" and "Card Destruction" to inflict large amounts of damage and mill out some of the opponent's Deck.
    • Watch out though, because you will also lose a good bit of life points.
  • Combo with a well timed "Book of Eclipse" to make the opponent draw and discard up to 5 cards.
  • Combining this card with "Forced Requisition" and "Armed Dragon LV10" to inflict damage to your opponent every time you use Armed Dragon's effect.
    • Use "Coffin Seller" to inflict even more damage.
    • Dark Smog will banish one monster from their Graveyard. discarding one card from their hand and inflicting 500 Damage.

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