• This card's second effect can be used against "Artifact" Decks, preventing the destruction of your opponent's Spell/Trap Cards, thus preventing from special summoning themselves.
    • Since this card is a Quick-Play Spell Card, activate it during your opponent's End Phase, preventing them from Chaining with any cards that destroy their Spell/Trap Cards (but only cards they Set that turn).
  • Use cards in chain to this card that will negate your opponent's face-up Spell/Trap Cards, such as "Royal Decree". Because they are still face-up, this card's effect will count them however they will also have no effect and cannot be destroyed for a turn or two.
  • In order to reduce the number of cards the user needs to discard, the Quick-Play Spell Card "Emergency Provisions" can be chained to send not only other Spell/Trap Cards but also this card to the Graveyard to prevent them from counting towards the discard total.
  • This card could also fit in some Exodia decks, or at least as Side Deck. Most of the times, Exodia decks don't need face-up Spell/Trap cards so you won't be discarding many cards, but you'll be drawing plenty of cards especially against decks that use Pendulum zones.
  • If your opponent uses Wavering Eyes and has face-up Pendulum Monsters being treated as Spell Cards, chain this card to that card to prevent your opponent from getting its benefits, as well as drawing at least 2 cards.

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