• In a pinch, you can use this against an "Infernity" Deck to force a card into your opponent's hand and stop their monsters' effects (since they require their user to have no cards in their hand). Note that this is only temporary though, as your opponent can just Set the Spell Card you gave them next turn.
  • You can use "Exchange" to get your Spell Card back.


  • Main Deck Level 7 or 8 DARK monsters:
 Primary typeTypeLevelATKDEF
Abyss Actor - Evil HeelPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Abyss Actor - SuperstarPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Allure Queen LV7Effect MonsterSpellcaster715001500
Ally of Justice Cosmic GatewayEffect MonsterMachine824001200
Ally of Justice Thunder ArmorEffect MonsterMachine827002200
Archfiend Emperor, the First Lord of HorrorEffect MonsterFiend830002000
Archfiend EmpressEffect MonsterFiend829002100
Arisen Gaia the Fierce KnightEffect MonsterWarrior723002100
Armament of the Lethal LordsEffect MonsterWarrior825002500
Astrograph SorcererPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Barrel DragonEffect MonsterMachine726002200
Belial - Marquis of DarknessEffect MonsterFiend828002400
Berserk DragonEffect MonsterZombie835000
The Big SaturnEffect MonsterMachine828002200
Bird of Paradise LostEffect MonsterWyrm827001500
Black Dragon NinjaEffect MonsterBeast728001600
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Evening TwilightEffect MonsterWarrior830002500
Blackwing - Abrolhos the MegaquakeEffect MonsterWinged Beast726001800
Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX DragonRitual Monster
Effect Monster
Brain CrusherEffect MonsterInsect724001500
Caius the Mega MonarchEffect MonsterFiend828001000
ChakraRitual MonsterFiend724502000
Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the EndEffect MonsterDragon830002500
Chaos HunterEffect MonsterFiend725001600
Clear Vice DragonEffect MonsterDragon8?0
Cosmo QueenNormal MonsterSpellcaster829002450
Cracking DragonEffect MonsterMachine830000
D/D Savant NewtonPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
D/D Savant ThomasPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
D/D Vice TyphonEffect MonsterFiend723002800
D/D/D Chaos King ApocalypsePendulum Monster
Effect Monster
D/D/D Doom King ArmageddonPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
D/D/D Dragon King PendragonEffect MonsterFiend726002400
D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss RagnarokPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
D/D/D Rebel King LeonidasPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
D/D/D Supersight King Zero MaxwellPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
D/D/D Supreme King KaiserEffect MonsterFiend728002100
Dark Armed DragonEffect MonsterDragon728001000
The Dark CreatorEffect MonsterThunder823003000
Dark Eradicator WarlockEffect MonsterSpellcaster725002100
Dark HorusEffect MonsterDragon830001800
Dark MagicianNormal MonsterSpellcaster725002100
Dark Magician (Arkana)Normal MonsterSpellcaster725002100
Dark Magician KnightEffect MonsterWarrior725002100
Dark Magician of ChaosEffect MonsterSpellcaster828002600
Dark Master - ZorcRitual Monster
Effect Monster
Dark NecrofearEffect MonsterFiend822002800
Dark NephthysEffect MonsterWinged Beast824001600
Dark SimorghEffect MonsterWinged Beast727001000
Dark VoltanisEffect MonsterFairy828001400
... further results