• This card also works very well in setting up "Mega Ton Magical Cannon", as there is always a danger of losing Spell Counters when your opponent destroys the Monsters containing the Spell Counters.
  • Keep in mind that this field card is nearly indestructible; as it generates spell counters itself that can be used to protect it.
    • Keep in mind that even if this card isn't destroyed it will lose its Counters if it is sent back to the hand, even with "Field Barrier" active.
      • Keeping a Dark Bribe facedown can help eliminate such dangers.
  • An easy way to get rid of this card on your opponent's side is using cards with remove from play effect, like Caius the Shadow Monarch.
  • Summon "Magical Exemplar", play Terraforming and then this card. If "Exemplar" is destroyed you will have numerous Spell Counters on the "Citadel" very quickly.
  • Take advantage of this card's immunity towards destruction effects while using the "Earthbound Immortal" and "Malefic" monsters.

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