• It's recommended to have at least two copies of this card in an "Ice Barrier" deck.
  • Because of the high reveal cost of this card, you should probably use it only in a deck with many Ice Barrier monsters. Also, due to the high reveal cost, you should combo this card with "Moray of Greed" — because you Special Summoned one of the monsters, and shuffled back the other two, your opponent is none the wiser about your hand.
  • At the start of your Main Phase 1, use this card to Special Summon "General Grunard of the Ice Barrier" and Normal Summon a low-level "Ice Barrier" monster. Then, using the effect of "General Grunard", you can tribute it (or another monster you control) and the Summoned monster to Normal Summon "General Gantala of the Ice Barrier"; at the End Phase, Special Summon one of the tributed monsters using the effect of "General Gantala".

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