• As soon as you activate this card, Set every other Spell and Trap Card in your Hand for a massive boost. If possible, combine with cards such as "Axe of Despair" to further increase the ATK boost. A Field Spell Card on your side of the field also counts toward increasing the equipped monster's ATK.
  • If you manage to draw three copies of this and equip them to the same monster, each card will increase the ATK of the equipped monster by at least 1500 each (for a total of 4500), and at most 4000 each (for a total of 12000) (this can only be achieved if all 5 of your Spell and Trap card fields are occupied and you control a field spell and two cards in the pendulum scale zones).
    • You can use "Shooting Star Bow - Ceal" to allow the equipped monster to attack directly, which should be an OTK as it would give the Monster exactly 8000 more attack points.
  • Use this card(s) with monsters such as "Leghul" and "Jinzo 7" to gain more ATK and attack your opponent's Life Points easily without worrying about your opponent's monsters being a threat to yours.
  • Using this card(s) with "Earthbound Immortals" should easily defeat your opponents since they have high ATK and their effects include attacking your opponent directly.
  • Use this card(s) with "Raging Flame Sprite". It has the ability to attack your opponent directly, and when it attacks, it raises its attack even further, making it possible to kill your opponent within two or three turns.
  • Use this card together with "The Kick Man" in a Zombie deck. You can Special Summon "The Kick Man" with several other cards, and when you do it you can re-use "Mage Power" for a massive boost.
  • This card has great synergy with Pendulum Monsters. Because Pendulum Monsters in the Pendulum Zones count as Spell Cards, with two Pendulum Monsters in play, the equipped monster gains 1000 extra points right away.
  • This card can add some offensive power to a "The Weather" Deck.

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