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  • Since "Ticket" says "Madolche" card, if your opponent attacks your face-down "Madolche Marmalmaide" while "Ticket" is on your field, a Spell/Trap Card can be added back and "Ticket" add a "Madolche" monster from your Deck to your hand.
  • This card combos perfectly with the effect of "Madolche Queen Tiaramisu", which is to return "Madolche" cards to the Deck (or hand, if "Madolche Chateau" is active).
  • Due to "Madolche" monsters' inherent abilities to return themselves to the Deck, this card will allow yourself to search for a "Madolche" whenever one is destroyed by your opponent.
  • If there is a "Madolche Chateau", then both old and new cards can be added from your Graveyard and Deck.
  • While this card and the effect of your opponent's "Deck Devastation Virus" is active; if a "Madolche" is drawn that would be destroyed, and this card's effect would triggered. A "Madolche" monster can be searched, that monster that was searched for will not be destroyed. Also, if there is a "Madolche Chateau" on your field, the destroyed monster can be added back to your hand and still search.


  • List of Fairy-Type "Madolche" monsters to use this card's Special Summoning effect.
 Japanese nameRankLevelCard typeATKDEF
Madolche Anjellyマドルチェ・エンジェリー4Effect Monster
Monster Card
Madolche Puddingcessマドルチェ・プディンセス5Effect Monster
Monster Card
Madolche Puddingcess Chocolat-a-la-Modeマドルチェ・プディンセス・ショコ・ア・ラ・モード5Xyz Monster
Monster Card
Madolche Queen Tiaramisuクイーンマドルチェ・ティアラミス4Xyz Monster
Monster Card

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