• This card allows you to run fewer "Madolche" Spell and Trap cards, since her effect will allow you to recycle them for repeated use.
    • This card's effect that adds "Madolche" Spell/Trap card from your Graveyard to your hand triggers "Madolche Ticket".
    • You can use "Book of Moon" to activate her effect multiple times.
  • Due to this card's exceptional DEF (which rises to an astounding 2500 with "Madolche Chateau" on the field), it's best to let your opponent attempt to attack this Set card; not only will they get a large amount of recoil damage, but her effect will also activate.
  • This card combos excellently with "Magical Hats". Not only will it flip her back down, but it will also dump two "Madolche" Spell or Trap cards, which can then be recycled with her effect.

Traditional Format

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