• Remember that you can banish any monster for Hootcake's effect, not just a Madolche monster - so you can move non-"Madolche" monsters out of your Graveyard so "Madolche Puddingcess" can activate her effect and gain her ATK boost after summoning her to the field with Hootcake's effect.
  • Summoning this card using the effect of "Giant Rat" or "Madolche Anjelly" ensures that this card has a target for its effect.
  • There is an OTK that can be performed with this card, you must have "Madolche Mewfeuille", "T.G. Warwolf" and this card in your hand. and at least 1 Madolche card in your Graveyard:
    • Summon Madolche Mewfeuille;
    • Use its effect to Special Summon "Madolche Hootcake";
    • Activate "T.G. Warwolf's" effect to Special Summon itself;
    • Xyz Summon "M-X-Saber Invoker" using "Mewfeuille" and "Warwolf";
    • Detatch "Warwolf" and Summon "Madolche Messengelato", searching out "Madolche Chateau";
    • Use "Hootcake's" effect, banishing "Warwolf" and Special Summoning another "Madolche Messengelato", this time searching "Madolche Ticket";
    • Activate "Chateau" and Xyz Summon "Madolche Queen Tiaramisu" using both of the "Messengelato";
    • Return 2 of your opponents cards to the Deck;
    • Special Summon another "Messengelato" using the effect of "Ticket" searching any necessary Spell;
    • Attack for a total of 8400 (1600+2000+2100+2700);
    • Even if something happened you have an intimidating field presence for the upcoming turns as well as "Chateau" and "Ticket".

Traditional Format

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