• Two copies of this card in conjunction with "Madolche Chateau" and "Desperate Tag" can protect your other Madolche monsters.
    • If "Madolche Waltz" is also active during your turn, you can attack a stronger monster, destroy "Chouxvalier", summon a replacement, and add the original back to your hand while simultaneously doing 300 Effect Damage to your opponent over and over until their Life Points are depleted. If they happen to control "Ultimate Tyranno", it doesn't even need to be your turn.
  • Equipping this monster with "Mist Body" or "Safe Zone" will keep your opponent's monsters from attacking your other "Madolche". Also equipping "United We Stand" or "Mage Power" will provide him with quick ATK boosts to keep your opponent from turning him into a hole to your Life Points.

Traditional Format

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