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  • Combine this card with "Madolche Ticket" to gain a massive Hand Advantage by adding 2 "Madolche" monsters to your hand once per turn when a "Madolche" monster be destroyed and sent to the Graveyard.
  • This card can be combined well with "Pot of Avarice", if there is a need to return more monsters to the Deck quickly.
  • Combine with "Ultimate Offering" - while this card is active, "Madolche" monsters will return to your hand after being destroyed by your opponent's monsters, so Summoning them right back can be kept to act as a defense. "Madolche Chouxvalier" is especially good for this, since it requires your opponent target it when they attack, and has the highest ATK of any "Madolche".
  • As long as this card is active, the effect of "Madolche Queen Tiaramisu" will return any "Madolche" monsters targeted back to your hand instead of the Deck.
  • This card's effect combos well with "Tragoedia".

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