• Equip "Mad Archfiend" with "Mist Body" to prevent it from getting destroyed, and to make it into a cheap defense. Alternately, use "Fighting Spirit" to protect it once, and increase the damage that it deals.
    • With the above strategy you can also use "Spirit Barrier" if your opponent attacks with a monster that has piercing attack.
  • When your opponent attacks this card, use "Chaos Infinity" to switch it to Attack Position. Note that Summoning a "Meklord" will trigger a Replay, and not Summoning one means your opponent can check your Deck to verify if you don't have one.
  • Use this card to lure your opponent into attacking you, then activate "Staunch Defender" (or other card with a close effect) and switch the target to a high DEF monster, or "Yubel".

Traditional Format

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