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  • Use this card on "Ancient Gear Box" to flood the field with Level 4 monsters. Then Xyz Summon.
    • The effect of "Box" is also useful for searching other monsters that "Machine Duplication" works with.
  • Before it was restricted, "Card Trooper" could be used, along with "Limiter Removal" or "Cybernetic Magician". Summon one "Card Trooper", then use "Machine Duplication" to get 2 more from your Deck. Then, if "Cybernetic Magician" is chosen, use its effect first to power them up, then use their effects to have 3 "Card Troopers" with 3500 ATK. If "Limiter Removal" is chosen,their effect can be used first, then use "Limiter Removal" to power them up to 3800 ATK each.
  • Using "Machine Duplication" with "Woodborg Inpachi" as a target will allow yourself to take up to another two from your Deck and Special Summon them in Defense Position. This will mean that there are three monsters with 2500 DEF. This is especially useful in a defensive Deck.
    • For an offensive strategy, "Woodborg Inpachi" could be Special Summoned in Attack Position. "Shield & Sword" can then be used to switch their ATK and DEF stats. Activate "Limiter Removal" to have 3 monsters with an attack of 5000.
    • "Delta Attacker" can also be used to allow the three "Woodborg Inpachis" to attack directly for an OTK.
  • Using "Alchemy Cycle" will reduce all your face-up monsters' ATK to 0 for the turn, allowing any Machine-Type monster to be usable for the effect of "Machine Duplication", include ones with high ATK or good effects.
  • Use "DNA Surgery" to allow more monsters to be used with this card.
    • In a "Frog" Deck, this combo can search almost any monster.
  • Using "Machine Duplication" on a LIGHT monster will provide at least 2 LIGHT monsters after its effect resolves, allowing yourself to Special Summon "Guardian of Order" from your hand.
  • Use "Magnet Circle LV2" to Special Summon "Ancient Gear", and then activate "Machine Duplication" to Special Summon 2 other "Ancient Gears" and they can be Tributed.
  • Using "Machine Duplication" with "Cyber Valley" is useful for activating the effects of it.
  • Use "Power Converter" on a powerful Machine-Type monster to bring its ATK to 0, then use this card to Summon two more of that monster to the field (applicable only in Tag Force 4).
  • Use "Machine Duplication" on an "Ancient Gear" or "Ancient Gear Cannon" to provide the condition necessary to use "Spell Gear", granted there are 2 more in your Deck.
  • Equip any Machine-Type monster with "Darkworld Shackles" and it will be a viable target for this card. However, unless the original Machine is replaced, it will remain useless on the field and cost yourself LP by the other effect of "Darkworld Shackles".
  • Use a card such as "Hero Mask" to change the name of a Machine-Type monster with 500 or less ATK, then use this card to Special Summon 2 copies of whatever card the Machine-Type monster had its name changed to.


  • Main Deck Machine-Type monsters with 500 or less that can be Special Summoned:
 Japanese namePrimary typeLevelAttributeATKDEF
A-Team: Trap Disposal Unitトラップ処理班 AチームEffect Monster2FIRE300400
Ally SalvoA・ボムEffect Monster2DARK400300
AmbulanceroidキューキューロイドEffect Monster3EARTH3001200
Ancient Gear (card)古代の歯車Effect Monster2EARTH100800
Ancient Gear Box古代の機械箱Effect Monster4EARTH5002000
Ancient Gear Cannon古代の機械砲台Effect Monster2EARTH500500
Ancient Gear Gadget古代の歯車機械Effect Monster4EARTH5002000
BicularヴィークラーEffect Monster2EARTH200200
Boot-Up Soldier - Dread Dynamo起動兵士デッドリボルバーEffect Monster4EARTH02000
Box of Friendsおもちゃ箱Effect Monster1LIGHT00
Card TrooperカードガンナーEffect Monster3EARTH400400
Cosmic Compassクラスター・ペンデュラムEffect Monster1EARTH100300
Crystron Prasiortle水晶機巧-プラシレータEffect Monster2WATER5002000
Cyber Dragon Coreサイバー・ドラゴン・コアEffect Monster2LIGHT4001500
Cyber Kirinサイバー・ジラフEffect Monster3LIGHT300800
Cyber Larvaサイバー・ラーバァEffect Monster1LIGHT400600
Cyber Ouroborosサイバー・ウロボロスEffect Monster2DARK100600
Cyber Valleyサイバー・ヴァリーEffect Monster1LIGHT00
D CubedD3Effect Monster1DARK00
Darksea Floatダークシー・フロートEffect Monster1DARK0300
Darksea Rescueダークシー・レスキューEffect Monster1DARK00
DecoyroidデコイロイドEffect Monster2WIND300500
Deskbot 002ブンボーグ002Effect Monster2EARTH500500
Deskbot 003ブンボーグ003Effect Monster3EARTH500500
Deskbot 004ブンボーグ004Effect Monster4EARTH500500
Deskbot 005ブンボーグ005Pendulum Monster5EARTH500500
Deskbot 006ブンボーグ006Pendulum Monster6EARTH500500
Deskbot 007ブンボーグ007Pendulum Monster7EARTH500500
Deskbot 008ブンボーグ008Pendulum Monster8EARTH500500
Deskbot 009ブンボーグ009Effect Monster9EARTH500500
Dimension Jarディメンション・ポッドEffect Monster2DARK200200
Dragong銅鑼ドラゴンPendulum Monster4EARTH5002100
Electromagnetic Turtle超電磁タートルEffect Monster4LIGHT01800
ExpressroidエクスプレスロイドEffect Monster4EARTH4001600
Gadget Armsガジェット・アームズEffect Monster2WATER200400
Gadget Driverガジェット・ドライバーEffect Monster1EARTH200200
GeargianoギアギアーノEffect Monster3EARTH5001000
GeargiaugerギアギアングラーEffect Monster4EARTH500500
Genex Ally SolidA・ジェネクス・ソリッドEffect Monster2DARK5001200
Gimmick Puppet Dreary Dollギミック・パペット-ネクロ・ドールEffect Monster8DARK00
Gimmick Puppet Humpty Dumptyギミック・パペット-ハンプティ・ダンプティEffect Monster4DARK0100
Jinzo 7人造人間7号Effect Monster2DARK500400
JunkuribohジャンクリボーEffect Monster1EARTH300200
Karakuri Merchant mdl 177 "Inashichi"カラクリ商人 壱七七Effect Monster2EARTH5001500
Karakuri Spiderカラクリ蜘蛛Effect Monster2EARTH400500
Leonardo's Silver Skyship輝銀の天空船-レオ号Pendulum Monster7WIND03000
Lillybot (card)オボミEffect Monster4LIGHT5002000
Mecha Phantom Beast Stealthray幻獣機レイステイルスEffect Monster3WIND1002100
Mecha Phantom Beast Turtletracer幻獣機タートレーサーEffect Monster3WIND5002000
MimimicミミミックEffect Monster3EARTH300300
... further results

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