• You can activate "Battle Mania" with this card so that you don't have to pay the Life Point cost and still do damage your opponent.
  • An effective combo using this card is to combine it with "Healing Wave Generator". That way you can gain back 1000 Life Points because it is a Level 10 monster and then pay the Life Points you just gained to attack.
  • Equip "Raregold Armor" to this card to protect "Commander Covington" and other monsters (like "Healing Wave Generator" for the above strategy) with this powerful card.
  • You can discard this card to Special Summon "Machina Fortress" with his effect.
  • If you're looking for quantity instead of quality, use this cards effect to Summon back the three "Machinas", then use cards like "Gaia Power", "Solidarity", "United We Stand" and "Limiter Removal" for best results.
  • Use this card's effect to get out the three materials, then Xyz Summon for "Number 32: Shark Drake".
  • By having "Skill Drain" on the field, you can ensure Machina Force can attack without paying life points.

Traditional Format

  • Activate "Future Fusion" while "Phantom of Chaos" and "Commander Covington" are on the field. send the three "Machina" monsters and "Machina Force" to the graveyard. Activate the effect of "Phantom of Chaos" by banishing "Machina Force" and revive the three "Machinas". Then activate the effect of "Commander Covington" for a fast summoning of "Machina Force".

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