• Provided your opponent has a LIGHT Dragon in their graveyard without certain Summoning restrictions, "Victoria" can help meet this card's Summoning requirements in one turn. "Victoria" is useful in a Fairy deck even without its Dragon Summoning effect.
  • A "Lightsworn" Deck is perhaps the easiest Deck to use in Summoning this card, as they are all LIGHT and include both Fairies and Dragons.
    • It's also useful to use Lightsworns as their milling effects mean there are less cards in your deck, allowing you to have a greater chance of guessing correctly.
  • A good Dragon to Tribute for this card is "Lightray Diabolos" because it's easy to summon in a LIGHT Deck.
  • Using "Convulsion of Nature" allows you to always have at least one known card on top of your Deck at all times, giving "Ma'at" at least 1000 ATK and DEF every time the effect is used.
  • Normal summon a Level 1 LIGHT Dragon-type monster, and then use "Where Arf Thou?", to add "Watapon" to your hand. Which will special summon itself. Note that you will take 2000 damage during the End Phase as the Watapon was not Normal Summoned.
  • If a WATER monster is on the field, then Contact with the Aquamirror can guarantee two correct guesses. However, WATER monsters may not work well in a Ma'at deck.
    • Also this card can work well in a Sylvan deck but it could be hard to summon it.
      • If you DO happen to summon it, you can combine it with "Sylvan Charity" to get free draws.
  • "Morphtronic Celfon" with its defense effect can help power this monster's attack.
  • Combo this card with "Dark Doriado" to guarantee 3000 ATK and DEF.
  • When you have a Dragon and Fairy are on the field, only one of which is LIGHT at the time, "Scroll of Bewitchment" can be used to change the other monster's Attribute to LIGHT and summon this card.

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