• This card can be Xyz Summoned with the effect of "Rescue Rabbit" by banishing itself to search for two Level 3 Normal Monsters.
    • "Feedback Warrior" can help Summoning this card as well.
    • In a Warrior-only Deck, this card can be Xyz Summoned by using "Marauding Captain" to Special Summon another Level 3 monster, then use this card's effect to Summon "Field-Commander Rahz" from your Deck to search another Warrior.
  • "Exiled Force" can be Special Summoned by this card's effect to destroy a monster your opponent controls.
  • This is also great to use in a "Zoodiac" Deck, as its effect can Summon any of the Main Deck monsters.
  • In a "Gladiator Beast" Deck, this card is part of a powerful 2-card combo. "A Hero Lives" can be activated to Special Summon "Elemental HERO Prisma", use its effect to send "Gladiator Beast Bestiari" to the Graveyard and copy it. Normal Summon "Tour Guide from the Underworld" and use her effect to bring up "Invoker", activate the effect of "Invoker" to Summon "Gladiator Beast Darius" from the Deck. Tag "Darius" and "Prisma" up to Summon "Gladiator Beast Gyzarus" from the Extra Deck, destroying two cards. On the end of Battle Phase, "Gyzarus" can be tag out, bringing "Gladiator Beast Laquari" and "Darius" (returning "Bestiari" from the Graveyard), tag out again to put "Gladiator Beast Heraklinos" to the table. With 2 cards ("A Hero Lives" and "Tour Guide"), your turn is ended with 2 opponent's cards destroyed, along with this card and "Heraklinos" on the field.


  • Level 4 EARTH Warrior and Beast-Warrior monsters that can be Special Summoned from the Main Deck:
 Japanese namePrimary typeTypeATKDEF
Abare Ushioni暴れ牛鬼Effect MonsterBeast-Warrior12001200
Absolute Crusaderレアル・クルセイダーEffect MonsterWarrior18001200
Amazoness Archerアマゾネスの射手Effect MonsterWarrior14001000
Amazoness Chain Masterアマゾネスの鎖使いEffect MonsterWarrior15001300
Amazoness Fighterアマゾネスの格闘戦士Effect MonsterWarrior15001300
Amazoness Paladinアマゾネスの聖戦士Effect MonsterWarrior1700300
Amazoness Sageアマゾネスの賢者Effect MonsterWarrior1400700
Amazoness Swords Womanアマゾネスの剣士Effect MonsterWarrior15001600
Amazoness Traineeアマゾネス訓練生Effect MonsterWarrior15001300
Assault Beastバスター・ビーストEffect MonsterBeast-Warrior19001200
... further results

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