• You can easily Summon this card by using "Fusion Tag" on any monster you control, then fusing it with other 2 "Lunalight" monsters.
  • This card can be Summoned in one turn by having the following cards: 1 "Lunalight Wolf", 1 "Polymerization", 1 "Fusion Recovery", and any 2 "Lunalight" monsters.
    1. Activate "Polymerization" to Fuse the non-Wolf "Lunalights" into "Lunalight Cat Dancer".
    2. Activate "Fusion Recovery" to add "Polymerization" and 1 Fused "Lunalight" from the Graveyard to the hand.
    3. Activate "Polymerization" to Fuse "Cat Dancer" and the recovered "Lunalight" into "Lunalight Panther Dancer".
    4. Activate "Wolf" in the Pendulum Zone.
    5. Activate the Pendulum Effect of "Wolf", banishing "Panther Dancer" and the 2 "Lunalights" in the Graveyard to Summon this card.
    • If having "Lunalight Black Sheep", another "Lunalight" won't be needed as the effect of "Black Sheep" allows to recycle "Wolf" if both are used to Summon "Cat Dancer".
  • You can double this card's ATK using "Lunalight Blue Cat" bringing it up to 7000, attack once and clear out Special Summoned monsters, then attack a second time for potential OTK.

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