• Combining "Lord British Space Fighter" with "Honest" allows the player to destroy their opponent's strongest monster and then attack a weaker one or attack them directly, inflicting a lot of Battle Damage. The use of "Limiter Removal" during the second attack can turn this into an OTK if your opponent controls only a single monster with at least 2200 ATK.
    • The above strategy can be used to activate "Lord British Space Fighter's" third effect to Summon a "Multiple Token". "Lightwave Tuning" can then be used to choose either the Token or "Lord British Space Fighter" to be the Tuner and Synchro Summon a Level 8 monster.
  • Try playing the Trap cards "Zero Gravity" and "Ojama Trio" for a "3600" damage attack with "900" effect damage = "4500". Also Try to include cards like "Limiter Removal" or "Honest" and perform a OTK.
  • It is important to note that the activation of this card effects only require the monsters to be destroyed, not sent to the graveyard; so even if the destroyed monster is banish or send to the deck/hand you may still activate one of "Lord British's" effect.

Traditional Format

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