• Use this card's effect in conjunction with the likes of "Shift" to change your opponent's target to one with high ATK or DEF depending on the position. This way you can inflict more damage to your opponent.
  • This card's self-summoning effect can be helpful for a With Eyes of Blue deck, providing an easy way to resummon this card and either protection for another monster or fodder for some of the monsters' effects (such as Sage with Eyes of Blue).
  • Treeborn Frog is a very effective monster to use for this card's effect to revive itself from the Graveyard, as Treeborn Frog would always Special Summon itself from the GY during the player's Standby Phase, provided they control no Spell/Trap cards. Using this, it provides a controlled infinite loop for the player.
  • This monster works wonder with the Wights, since most of them are level 1 monsters.

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