• This card can be used to instantly raise Goblin King's ATK by 2000 and stop it from being attacked.
  • This card has extreme versatility, because it can go in any Deck that focuses on various Tribute Summons.
    • In a Deck that focuses on cards in the Graveyard, you can benefit twice as much.
  • In a Spellcaster Deck, if "Magical Blast" is 1 of the cards you send for this card's cost, you can easily retrieve it during your next turn.
  • Discard "Ojamagic" and maintain your advantage.
  • Use this card and then immediately Tribute Summon a strong monster from your hand.
  • Activate this card during your opponents end phase by discarding "Dandylion" to summon four tokens you can use for tribute during your next turn.
  • This card can be extremely useful to help in the summon of cards like the Divine-Beast, or the Wicked God cards. Remember: Cards like Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler CANNOT be summoned with these tokens, since they require the monsters to be sent to the grave, which is impossible for tokens. This won't work on Destiny HERO - Plasma either, since he requires tributes for a SPECIAL Summon.

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