• "Eclipse Wyvern" has numerous applications for supporting this card.
  • "Divine Dragon Apocralyph" and to a greater extent "Genesis Dragon" can support this card by adding it to your hand allowing you to summon it again. The cost for their effects may also add more LIGHT monsters to your grave for this card's effect as well as summoning conditions.
  • Being Light support and a Dragon, this card would work best in a Light-Dragon deck such as "Blue-Eyes" or "Hieratic".
  • You can return this card to your hand with "A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon" for field control, and immediately re-summon it when the effect resolves. You can also reuse its effect to return Set cards to the deck.

Traditional Format

  • In a "Hieratic" Deck, using "Future Fusion" and selecting "Five-Headed Dragon" (so you can send 5 different "Hieratic" monsters to the Graveyard) can fulfill this card's Summoning requirement and provide resources for its effect.

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