• This card can target the opponent's Field Spell Card for its effect, making it effective against decks that rely on Field Spell Cards, such as "Dragunity" and "Gravekeeper" Decks.
  • Use "Snake Rain" to send 4 "Worm" monsters to the Graveyard to Special Summon this card instantly.
  • Vylon decks that utilizes "Vylon Element" can Summon this card easily, especially in mid or late game where you usually ended up having several LIGHT monsters in your Graveyard, either with "Shining Angel" or another monster used for Synchro Summon.
    • Even though this card's primary use as a 2600 ATK beater, you can also Summon "Vylon Sphere" or "Vylon Tetra" (in case those two ended up in your hand unused) and used them alongside this card for Synchro Summoning "Vylon Epsilon" or "Vylon Alpha", respectively.
    • If you have 2 of this card, you can Xyz Summon "Number 11: Big Eye" instead.

Traditional Format

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