• While this card and "Iris, the Earth Mother" are on the field, after a 3-Link Chain resolves, their effects will form another Chain of 2 Links. That means that for each effect you have that can respond to theirs, you can destroy a card and draw a card, quickly gaining a huge advantage.

Traditional Format

  • This card can create a partial loop with "Lightning Punisher" and a deck full of Quickplay Spell cards. If you can get the chain to start, the two monsters will always add two to the link, requiring only one Quickplay card to be activated to re-initiate the loop. Since each iteration will let you draw a card, you have a good chance of continuing. If there is an "Ultimate Offering" face-up, that can be used as long as there is a monster in hand. If there is a "Blast Asmodian" on the field, the loop will run twice for each Quickplay Spell used ("Iris">"Punisher">Spell for first chain, triggers "Asmodian">"Iris">"Punisher" for second chain, which triggers "Iris">"Punisher" once more, needing one more link to repeat), meaning two cards will be drawn in-between, thus increasing the chance of continuing until you have a full field, a full hand, and the opponent has nothing.

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