• Generally, when you use this card's effect for the first time, it can destroy a monster with up to 3,500 attack.
  • This card can easily become vulnerable. This makes it an excellent candidate for "Silver Wing".
  • This card can work exceptionally well in "Lightsworn" Decks since the majority of monsters in the deck are Light Attribute. Also, if you use "Lightwave Tuning" on a level 4 "Lightsworn" and manage to Special Summon "Wulf" by it's effect or use "Lumina" to summon another "Lightsworn", you've got the perfect monsters not only to tune for "Light End Dragon", but also for preparing for "Judgment Dragon's" appearance.
    • Similarly, with the release of "Batteryman AAA", "Batteryman" Decks can use this card as well. Normal summon "Batteryman AAA", if running two copies you automatically get a second on the field, then use "Lightwave Tuning" on one and synchro. You'd then also have extra "Batteryman" in your grave to remove for "Batteryman Industrial Strength" instead of removing more useful "Batteryman".
  • "Forbidden Chalice" makes the ATK of this card 3000, no matter how many times its effect was used. After that, its ATK is 3000, resetting this card's effect for more use. For a good result, use "Forbidden Chalice" during the Damage Step after "Light End Dragon's" effect has been used to max (generally this will be four times). This disruptive strategy will result in an unexpected (for your opponent) 2400 ATK increase for the turn.
  • Use "Reverse Trap" on your weak "Light End Dragon" to give it a massive power boost for one turn.
  • When this card's ATK is too low, tribute it for "Advance Draw".
  • This monster can be summoned with any type of deck or monsters by including "Scroll of Bewitchment", which will allow you to change the attribute of the equiped monster to any other attribute (in this case "LIGHT") due to the fact that only the non-Tuner monster(s) need to be "LIGHT" in order to summon this particular card.
  • You can use "Tsukuyomi's" effect to flip "Light End Dragon" into face-down Defense Position and Flip it face-up again to reset its ATK and DEF points.
  • Synchro summon this with "Vylon Prism" then pay 500 life points to equip "Vylon Prism" to this card for it to still gain up to 1,000 attack points.

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