• This card is excellent to get rid of Extra Deck monsters (since they return to the Extra Deck), which include Synchro, Fusion and Xyz monsters, because the affected player will have to pay all the summoning cost if they want to summon them again (no Call of the Haunted or Return from the Different Dimension). Besides, since they are not banished/destroyed, effects that trigger when the monster is banished/destroyed will not activate.
    • The same goes to Nomi, Semi-Nomi and Ritual Monsters, as summoning them is usually a pain and the affected player will have to wait until drawing it to be able to summon it again. (if the conditions are right)
  • This card is useful when used with searcher monsters, such as "Shining Angel". You gain a monster to replace the lost one, and you return two monsters as well.
    • Throw in a "Supply Squad" to draw a card along with searching out a monster AND getting rid of possible pesky/threatening monsters.
  • This card works perfectly with "Machina Fortress". Either let your opponent attack it, or use it to attack a stronger monster than itself, and then activate "Liberty at Last!". Your opponent loses a card and has to return two monsters to their deck.
  • This card has in interesting dynamic against the "Shaddoll" match up due to the fact that it can easily clear the board of any Shaddoll Fusion monsters, "Shaddoll Falco" and additionally any Shaddoll monsters in general without them activating their effects.
  • Use Fire Hand and Ice Hand to crash into an opponent's monster (or Set them as a trap) to remove 3 cards.
  • Combine this card with Machina Armored Unit in a Machine-Type deck to get rid of your opponent's monsters and replace your destroyed monster.
  • Ghostrick generally don't mind being destroyed by battle because of their hand traps, plus some even benefit from it, and as Ghostricks have a hard time getting over big monsters, this can be used to get rid of them. Addtionally, you can use Ghostrick Break in the same Chain, and if you play this card last, your opponent cannot Chain cards such as Solemn Warning to negate your Ghostrick Break.
  • The cards Unpossessed and Jigabyte in Charmer deck can be used to gain massive advantage if combined with this card and Supply Squad.
  • Burning Abyss monsters have effects that activate if they're sent to the Graveyard, so you can combo their effects with this card to remove monsters that are harder to get over.
  • Many Gravekeeper monsters have effects that work when destroyed by battle or flipped face-up, use this card with those to remove monsters you can't normally get rid of.
  • Fill up your opponent's field with Duston monsters using House Duston, then remove your opponent's non-Duston monsters with this card. Additionally, to more easily gain 2 targets, you can shuffle one of the Summoned Dustons back into your own deck for later use.
  • If combined with Madolche Chateau and Madolche Ticket, you can easily remove your opponent's monster if they destroy your Madolche monsters by battle, and then add those monsters back again.
  • This card can be useful in a Gusto, T.G. or Yang Zing deck, which have effects that can activate if they were destroyed by battle or sent to the Graveyard from the field.

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