• This card is very useful in getting out powerful, but hard-to-summon Xyz Monsters and Synchro Monsters, particularly those with high Ranks/Levels.
    • Note that you can actually use this card's cost to your advantage by using a revival card such as "Call of the Haunted" on the monster you just sent. With this, you will have 3 monsters of the same Level, enabling you to summon almost any Xyz Monster of any Rank, including very difficult ones such as "Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon" and "Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer".
    • Discard a Level 4 monster for this card's effect to turn both a Tuner and non-Tuner monster into Level 4 monsters, allowing you to summon a Level 8 Synchro monster. This approach allows you to run fewer high-level monsters in a Synchro deck without sacrificing access to Level 8 Synchro monsters.
  • Use this card in a Deck that uses both high-level monsters and Tuner monsters to discard a Level 5 or higher monster while you control a Tuner and a non-Tuner. This will allow you to easily summon "Ultimaya Tzolkin".

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