• If you have "Gateway of the Six" and two more cards card that store Bushido Counters on your side of the field you can make an infinite destruction loop with this card and "Legendary Six Samurai - Shinai". You can skip the first three steps of the loop if you have two "Mizuho" and a "Shinai" in your hand.
    • Normal summon "Legendary Six Samurai - Mizuho".
    • Remove counters from "Gateway" to add "Legendary Six Samurai - Shinai" to your hand and Special Summon it.
    • Add another "Legendary Six Samurai - Mizuho" with "Gateway" and Special Summon it.
    • Activate "Mizuho's" effect by tributing the second one, and then add it from Graveyard to your hand with "Gateway", Special Summon it, then use its effect to tribute the first one. By doing that again and again, you can destroy all cards your opponent controls.

You can then convert the loop into the following one, gaining Bushido Counters until you can OTK.

  • Much like the above loop, you can also create an infinite Bushido Counters loop with "Gateway of the Six", two more cards that store Bushido Counters, "Mizuho" and "Shinai".
    • Follow steps 1-3 in the above guide, Special Summoning 2 "Mizuho" and 1 "Shinai".
    • Use the first "Mizuho's" effect, tributing "Shinai" to destroy either "Mizuho" (doesn't matter which).
    • Activate "Shinai's" effect, returning "Mizuho" to your hand.
    • Use "Gateway" to return "Shinai" to your hand, then Special Summon the two monsters.
    • Repeat the process, using the newly-Special Summoned "Mizuho's" effect to destroy either "Mizuho". You will gain 4 extra counters on each cycle, which you can use to boost a "Six Samurai's" ATK to create an OTK (Especially after using the destruction loop to clear your opponent's field).
  • This loop can be also achieved with only one additional Bushido Counter card aside from Gateway, so long as you already have one of "Mizuho" and "Shinai" each. As long as you can get 2 "Mizuho", 1 "Shinai", 1 "Gateway", and 1 other Bushido Counter card on the field, along with at least 4 Bushido Counters total on your field after all 3 monsters are summoned, then the loop is possible. In this case, each loop will gain you 2 additional Bushido Counters.

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