• You can send another "Laval Volcano Handmaiden" from your Deck to your Graveyard with this card, then use the effect of the second "Handmaiden" to send a third "Handmaiden", then use that "Handmaiden" to send another "Laval" monster to the Graveyard, for a total of 4 "Laval" monsters.
  • This is the most useful card to send to the Graveyard for the effects of "Laval Stennon" and "Laval the Greater", since it will give them free fuel.

Traditional Format

  • You can dump multiple copies of this card to the Graveyard with "Painful Choice" and activate their effects at the same time. Assuming your opponent picks one of the three "Handmaidens" to go to your hand, and the other monsters you send are also "Laval" monsters, you can get 6 "Laval" monsters in the Graveyard at once.

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