• Use against Cloudian monsters so they will be destroyed by their own effect.
  • This works well in a Clown Control Deck, as the "Clown" monsters effects activate when their battle positions are changed.
  • Use this card with Morphtronics to allow them to gain their defensive effects on the opponents turn.
  • You can protect all your Frogs by using this card and "Substitoad": You can attack with "Substitoad" and other Frogs, and in the End Phase all of them are changed to Defense Position, and in your opponent's turn you are protected from battle damage. In your next turn, you can change all "Frogs" and "Substitoad" to Attack Position and strike your opponent again. For better results, you should activate "Wetlands" for higher ATK.
  • With this card and "Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua", you can lockdown your opponent, by attacking with "Chacu Challahua" and then switch it in defense mode with "Labyrinth of Nightmare", locking your opponent's Battle Phase.
  • Use this with the Spider Archetype, which benefits from having monsters be in defense mode.