• Tributing your opponent's monsters for your "Kaiju" monsters on their field allows this card to accumulate Kaiju Counters. This can also be done with "Lava Golem," "Santa Claws," and "Volcanic Queen".
  • "Toon Table of Contents" can get this card to 3 Kaiju Counters in a single turn. Use 1 copy to search out a 2nd, the 2nd to search out the 3rd, and then search any "Toon" card from your Deck. This will not only give you immediate access to the ability to search out a "Kaiju" monster, but will also shrink your Deck by 3 extra cards as well.
  • Even though this card can protect itself with its own ability, using cards like "Field Barrier" will help you save counters and prevent your opponent from replacing this card with another field card.

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