• When convenient, this card's first effect can be used to destroy one's "Kozmotown", allowing one to search for any necessary "Kozmo" card they need.
    • Alternatively, a Machine-Type "Kozmo" monster can be destroyed, whereupon its banish-related effect can be used for one to add or Special Summon from the Deck another "Kozmo" monster
  • This effect is worded similarly to Number 101: Silent Honor Ark where it says "you can destroy 1 other "Kozmo" card instead which means that the effect does not activate and instead happens mid-chain. This means that you can summon this card using Call of the Haunted or a pilot effect in response to a card such as Raigeki so that card will be on the field before Raigeki resolves, meaning it will be able to change the destruction of Raigeki to another card.

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