• During your Battle Phase, if there is already another Machine-Type "Kozmo" monster on your field, this card can be Special Summoned via a "Kozmo" monster effect. Then, use this card's effect to destroy 1 of those Machine-Types and activate that monster's effect to Special Summon another "Kozmo" monster. This can help facilitate OTKs.
    • This can also be helpful during the Main Phase, allowing a "Kozmo Goodwitch" to be Summoned to take care of a troublesome monster, or Summon a "Kozmo Strawman" to bring this card back, with the gained advantage of the Quick Effect of "Kozmo Strawman".
    • Keep in mind that even if there is no other monsters on your field, this card can also target itself with its effect.
  • Use "Escape from the Dark Dimension" to revive this card after it was banished by using its Graveyard effect. This can be especially effective during your opponent's turn, by interrupting their plays with this card's first effect.

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