• Set multiple copies of this in preparation for cards like "Black Rose Dragon" and "Heavy Storm" to use as 'revenge' weapons to get back at your opponent.
  • Use this card in Burn Decks, perhaps as a finisher to surprise your opponent.
  • If your opponent controls at least 3 monsters, use "Magical Hats" to search out two copies of this card, then use "Battle Mania" to force your opponent's monsters to attack and destroy them, inflicting 2000 damage.
  • Use this card to bluff your opponent into thinking that you've Set a powerful Trap Card.
    • This card can be useful with "Mask of Darkness". "Mask of Darkness" can get back a strong Trap Card such as "Mirror Force", "Dimensional Prison", "Solemn Judgment", "Solemn Warning" or "Magic Cylinder", but the card you choose to bring back will be revealed to your opponent. Instead, carefully shuffle your hand, then Set this card. Your opponent may assume that you Set the powerful card revived with "Mask of Darkness", and play accordingly (either more hesitantly than usual, or to try to destroy the Set card immediately).

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