• This card does not specify that your monster has to be in attack position, just has to have the same ATK. It is possible that this card can protect a defense position monster with lower DEF than its ATK.
  • Any "Cat's Ear Tribe" you control will not be destroyed by battle while "Kishido Spirit" is in play, except by monsters who have their ATK increased.
  • This card and "Cyber Shadow Gardna" can deter opponents from attacking, as "Cyber Shadow Gardna" will always have the same ATK as the opponent's monster, making it nearly invincible. It can however still be destroyed with card effects.
  • Due to the 2000 ATK rule for Level 4 monsters, using this with 1900 ATK monsters can easily weaken your opponent.
  • This card can work well with "Ancient Gear" Decks, due to their effects of shutting down Spells and Traps when these monsters attack.
  • This card might help Hydrogeddon activate its effect by destroying even monsters with equal ATK, hence you'll easily take down your foe directly with a second Hydrogeddon
  • Playing this card after summoning "Copycat" will allow you to attack the copied monster and will not suicide itself, this is especially effective if your opponent only has one monster and has high ATK which will help protect against what they might summon next.
  • Combo this card with "Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce". By decreasing one of your monster's ATK, you get to destroy an equal-ATK monster, then take down a weaker monster.
    • One might replace the Equip Spell for "Chthonian Emperor Dragon", due to its 2400 ATK, being able to pummel 2 monsters easily.

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