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Notable monsters destroyed by the effect of "King Tiger Wanghu"


The following list indicates that either a majority of or a few select but paramount cards in each archetype are destroyed by the effect.



General tips

  • Use with "Burden of the Mighty" so that your opponent cannot summon level 4 monsters with an attack of 1800 or less, making it harder for them to get tributes for larger monsters.
    • This combo will almost destroy any monsters who are levels 1-4. In addition, All of their monsters will be severely weakened. The best thing to do is use two "Burden of the Mighty". This will destroy any monster that today meta uses. "Judgment Dragon" and "Dark Armed Dragon" will both be 1400 exactly.
    • When combined with "The Wicked Dreadroot" this combination will destroy virtually any monster your opponent summons- even the strongest monsters in the game like "Five-Headed Dragon" will be instantly destroyed, especially if "Light of Intervention" is used, with only a few cards such as a "King of the Skull Servants" with many "Wight" cards in the Graveyard will be able to survive. Remember, however, this combination will also make it extremely difficult for yourself to summon monsters as well, even the "King Tiger" itself will destroy itself with its effect unless a card like "By Order of the Emperor" is used.
  • Combine this card with "By Order of the Emperor" in a low-ATK monster deck; Negate its effect with "By Order of the Emperor" whenever you summon a monster, but allow it to destroy any 1400 ATK or lower monsters the opponent summons, and not only will you protect your monsters from its effect and clear your opponent's field with it, but you will also gain hand advantage from the cards drawn by using "By Order of the Emperor" when you summon your monsters.
    • This combo is effective in a "Yubel" deck, as "Wanghu's" effect will automatically destroy "Yubel" and "Terror Incarnate", then use the effect of "By Order of the Emperor" to prevent the destruction of "The Ultimate Nightmare".
  • A powerful combo can be created by using this card and "Gravity Bind". Due to "Gravity Bind's" effect, any monster Level 4 or higher cannot attack. Since there are few monsters with 1400 or more ATK and are Level 3 or lower, this effectively shuts down your opponent's ability to attack you. A similar combo is to use "Messenger of Peace", which stops all cards over 1500 from attacking, although it is slightly less effective since you have to pay 100 life points each of your standby phases.
    • However, with the release of the Meklords, using "King Tiger Wanghu" to destroy your opponent's card with its effect can backfire.
  • Combine this monster with "Coffin Seller" plus "Burden of the Mighty" times two. This prevents Summon of most monsters your opponent may use, and if they dare Summon one, they take a damage free of charge.
  • "King Tiger Wanghu" combined with "Light of Intervention" is very effective against defensive/stall decks.
  • A good combo would be "King Tiger Wanghu" and "Bottomless Trap Hole" to take out any monster who doesn't have 1450 ATK.
  • This card might seem to completely cripple the Watt archetype, but as long as you use "Messenger of Peace" and set your monsters and flip summon them the following turn, you shouldn't have much of a problem. Since "King Tiger Wanghu's" effect also affects your opponent's field, they wouldn't be able to attack your set monsters with him, and if they happen to summon anything under 1400 ATK, it'll be destroyed via this card's effect, giving your opponent a very small margin in which they can exploit unless they can get rid of "Messenger of Peace".
  • Use this card after you get "Ultimate Insect LV7" on the field, making it almost impossible for your opponent to play face up monsters.
  • Summon a few "Naturia Fruitfly" before you summon this card. You'll be able to quickly drain 300-2700 ATK from your opponent's monsters, virtually killing all but the strongest monsters in the game's existence.
  • This monster is compatible with "Horn of the Phantom Beast". This, along with "Burden of the Mighty", turns "Wanghu" into a 2500 ATK beatstick with both destruction and draw effects while weakening opposing monsters to point where they pose little threat.

Note: Following tip only works in the games.

  • This card can completely destroy the 5 piece "Meklord Emperors" (as well as the cores).

Traditional Format

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