• "Kasha" could even be used as counter to Zombie decks if you can find the space for two or more Zombies in your own deck, since its effect increases its ATK for each Zombie returned to the deck regardless of whether they were on your side of the field or your opponent's. Since Zombie decks focus on swarming, "Kasha" will gain a large ATK boost and destroy all your opponent's hard work.
  • You can also summon this card by having a "Zombie Master" on the field (with a target in Graveyard) and sending another Zombie to Special Summon it (you can use cards like "Foolish Burial", "Armageddon Knight" and "Dark Grepher" to send Zombies from your Deck to your Graveyard).
    • Also, you can use "Zombie Master's" effect to summon a second "Zombie Master". Use it's effect to Summon a third one and then use its effect to Summon any other Zombie. Afterwards you can summon a "Kasha" with ATK 4000.
  • If your opponent is using a Zombie deck based around "Zombie World" you could use any two of your own monsters for the effect of "Kasha" effect, since all your monsters will be Zombie-Type. However, keep in mind that "Kasha" will not gain ATK for the monsters who were not originally Zombie-Type monsters.

Traditional Format

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