• Set this card and activate "Book of Taiyou" to attack directly the turn you summon it.
  • Remember, this card does not say "destroy" but "send to the Graveyard" — as such, it can be used against cards like "Stardust Dragon".
  • The send to graveyard effect is not optional, so do not Flip Summon this card if your opponent controls no monsters or this card may be forced to send itself.
  • Interestingly, this monster is probably the best target for "Ninjitsu Art of Decoy" since it will switch itself to defense position when it is attacked.
  • Use "Book of Moon" when Sazank is attacked to spring its effect on your opponent again.
  • If "Sazank" would be removed from the field while face-down, you can chain a card like "Ceasefire" or "The Spell Absorbing Life" to be sure its effect doesn't go to waste.

Traditional Format

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