• Use this with monster cards that cannot be destroyed by battle, like "Marshmallon".
    • You could also utilize monsters that Summon more monsters when they are destroyed, such as "Shining Angel" (in battle only), or the "Burning Abyss" archetype.
  • Cards like "Metal Reflect Slime" are helpful in supporting this card in case your opponent destroyed your monster(s) that were already on the field. If your opponent attempts to summon, you can activate "Metal Reflect Slime" to Summon a monster and prevent your opponent from Summoning more monsters than you control.
  • Since this card limits your opponent's Summons, they may hold more monsters in hand. You can use "Royal Tribute" to get rid of their extra monsters.
  • Useful in "Spirit" Decks, as long as you have a monster that remains on the field while your "Spirit" monsters return to your hand.
  • If you get a powerful monster on the field with this card, you can use "Neo-Spacian Grand Mole" to remove any monsters your opponent may Set to defend themselves; this not only removes their defense allowing your larger monster to inflict direct damage, but it also continues to leave you with one monster on the field.
  • This card works great in an Amazoness deck. When combined with their field spell "Amazoness Village" it can ensure a constant flow of monsters on your side of the field, as well as hinder your opponent.
  • This card can form a lockdown when combined with "Ojama Trio" and a monster which can inflict Burn damage each turn, such as "Ebon Magician Curran" or "Solar Flare Dragon". Be aware that your opponent may attack with the Tokens to get rid of them (at the cost of heavy damage to themselves) in attempt to break the lock.
  • If you combine this card with "Black Garden", then even if you have no monsters on your side of the field, you can immediately stop your opponent from ever Summoning more than 1 monster at a time (unless they activate a Spell or Trap Card effect that Summons multiple monsters at once) because each time they Normal Summon or Special Summon a monster, you get a Token.
  • This card is highly effective in decks that focus on empowering a single boss card, such as "Bujin" or "Qli".

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